My younger brother just called from San Diego. His LTR/girlfriend/common law spouse/sigo (god, we need a better term) spent the night awake in contractions. They called her mom to let her know and she said, "Oh, yeah, didn't we tell you? Second children in our family usaully come about 3 weeks early." Thanks, Mom.

While this might ordinarily be just data for the gay uncle, I've been invited to witness the birth. (!) They figure I'm unlikely to be more directly involved in one, and sadly, they're probably right. So, the news is cause for some excitement on my part, too. Suddenly, I have to alert coworkers, prep a bag, shift plane reservations early, and finagle a laptop out of work. Not to mention psych myself up for the proxied paternalness of it all. The blood. The doctors. The screaming.

I've never been so close to the reality of new life.

Wish me luck.