As of this rant, CptPlanet hasn't been on e2 for 1.6 months, so I don't have the option of a direct confrontation on his felch writeup. Instead, I get to rant to you.


That makes it sound like when a bunch of gay guys hang out at a bar together, you can pretty much expect to look up from your beer at any given point in the evening to see quite a few of them naked on the pool table, barebacking, followed by a frenzy of cum guzzling from their partner's ass. "Hey, Carl, are you gonna finish that?"


I'm unwilling to spend the 15 USD to subscribe to the venerable tome (s)he cites as the source to verify, but judging from the sample chapters on the site, there's not a lot of relibale statistics there to back this up. But you know what, I don't need to. I've been gay for awhile now, watched my share of porn, had a few friends describe their personal journeys through debauchery, and suffered my share of unnerving online requests. And you know how many times this has come up?


Oh, wait. There was that moment at the Tupperware party last week where that muscle bear unbuckled, spit-fucked and shot a load into the host, and then DEFIED EVERY HUMAN INSTINCT AGAINST PERSONAL CONTAMINATION by plopping a crazy straw in there as a digestif.

YES, to quote Maggie Cho, gays like the ass. (Not all, but let's say a sizeable chunk.) And I'm super glad that enlightened people are willing to withhold judgment as they encounter unfamiliar sexual practices. But as if we don't have enough problems, we don't need the purile results of sex-obsessed adolescent imaginations ladled on us en masse with the Fox-news-esque attribution of "From what I can gather."

EVEN IF CptPlanet was ham-handedly saying "This practice is engaged in more by homosexual men than by lesbians or heterosexuals," COME crosses such a gigantic line of disgust and common sense that it should be BACKED UP BY A RELIABLE SOURCE with a blinking H1 disclaimer saying "This is only practiced by an incredibly small percentage of gay men and does not represent the group." As it is, what (s)he wrote implies some sort of connection between being gay and butt sucking. AND THERE ISN'T.

PLEASE, PEOPLE. Don't overextend your tolerance. Don't loosely throw around uninformed, unsourced conjecture as if it were fact. We're facing enough reistance from our enemies, we don't need our friends inadvertently giving them a leg up.

If this still doens't make any sense to you, take a feel at the following, and see if you can find the correlations and the source of my ranting:

It may be statistically true, but still a tragically misleading thing to say.

update: The original node has been superseded. Despite the downvotes and some /msgs, I'm going to leave this. The core points are still valid: of being careful with language, overextending tolerance, citing sources, and representation. Plus, in retrospect, it's a good rant.