A "walk" is created for one's own masochistic pleasure by the following method:

  1. Sit at home (your place of work is not a good place to practice this fine art, unless you have a secluded office, or colleagues with a similar issue with insects) and watch the flies lazily buzzing around in circles in the middle of the room
  2. Ponder for a while on your latest E2 nodes, and wonder how they are faring without you there to tend and nurture them
  3. Remember back to reading something about a “walk” and how to create one of your very own
  4. Sit a while longer, watching the second hand on the clock tick away the seconds of your life
  5. Suddenly leap up from the couch and start chasing the flies about the room, until one gets stuck buzzing about on a window and you are able to catch it
  6. Carefully tear the wings off it and imagine it’s pitiful screams of terror and pain
  7. Place the ex-fly (now considered a “walk”) on a flat surface and watch it scurry about for a while
  8. Feed the “walk” to the cat
  9. Sit back down on the couch and look at the clock again to see that 2 minutes have passed since you last looked
  10. Sigh in satisfaction that you have mastered nature, and your superior intelligence proved why you are the master of the animal race on planet Earth
  11. Watch the remaining flies lazily buzzing around in circles in the middle of the room for a while.