The advances in cosmetic surgery and especially hair depletion and exfoliation techniques leads me to wondering why such advances haven’t made it into the realm of male-dom. Why is there electrolysis, creams, waxes and other such devices of hair removal for legs, under-arms, bikini lines, and unsightly facial hairs, and yet males are required to scrape the hairs off their face with a sharp blade, or electronic whisker cutting device every day?

Why can I not book a session with a beauty therapist and have my facial hairs all removed in a semi-permanent way, meaning I am not required to perform my morning ritual of scraping the unwanted facial-growth off? Perhaps this is related to the issue of national breast screening for cancer (in this country), whereas prostate cancer gets little to no support, let alone funding, to become one of the highest proportion of deadly cancers today.

If waxing worked on the facial hairs of a male, would it become an accepted form of hair removal? This could be performed in the comfort and privacy of ones own home, and the result would be a clean, cut-free, smooth finish that lasts for days. Another method, electrolysis, relies on killing the hair at the root by passing a current down each individual hair. This is a very costly exercise but lasts for several days.

There must be other methods of facial hair depletion for males, but it appears the emphasis on finding a safe, yet effective, method is not forthcoming. In the meantime I will continue cutting, nicking, rasping and plucking these facial whiskers with sharpened steel blades until science for males catches up with the advances made for females.