Thankfully I am blessed with the ultimate "bachelor microwave". This baby has a button for everything - everything that a single, lazy-assed guy would eat that is.

It has a button for "reheat canned stew", "Cook baked potato", "reheat pie", and the reason for noding here - "reheat pizza".

There are many other buttons, or sub-menus off buttons, that allow for the general cooking/heating/reheating of many of man's favourite fast foods.

The microwave being of both convection and microwave abilities, will not only heat your pizza from the inside out, it will then give it a quick bake to ensure it isn't a rubbery, damp sponge to eat - instead it is a golden, crusty savoury-topped pastry delight - softly glowing that green tinge most leftovers give off after a month in the fridge, and 2 minutes on high.