Decided to sleep-in (sleep-in = 5½ hours sleep). Things at work are particularly slow, and I'm sure I won't be missed. Simply switched off the mobile so nobody from work could track me down and force me into making up a lame excuse for not being there.

Have just opened a cafe/restaurant so spent the day down there - just getting under people's feet and making a general nuisance of myself. It was the quietest day ever in the 3-week history of being open. We'll barely cover staff costs, let alone supplies. Bugger!

Managed to get to bed at 11pm which is extremely early for us lately. After work (or usually at around lunchtime when I am bored with my proper job) I have been heading down to the cafe and "helping out" until close. We then clean up and get home around 11pm-12am. We then "cook the books" and get to bed around 1:30-2. Mornings start at 6am - so we're getting about 4-4½ hours sleep a night. This has gone on for 3 weeks - 7 days a week and I'm shagged!

All up - cafe business is picking up (ignoring yesterday's slack day), personal life is lacking massively - but you get that starting a small business, work is tedious but is about to pick up with 2 new projects handed to me - high profile ones too so should get quite full-on.

Roll on Sunday when I get my first sleep-in for 4 weeks (sleep-in = any amount of sleep greater than 6 hours).