Forgive me E2, for I have shirked. It has been 21 days since my last node.

I took a bit of time off and went and relaxed in Fiji for 9 days (to be noded later) as it is now winter in my country and I needed to warm up a bit. Other than this, I have been too busy messing about doing work things at work (rather than noding) and looking after the home life (rather than noding).

In all this time there is very little node-worthy material.

I have sent out invites to all and sundry for my birthday (a major milestone coming up) and am looking forward to a tequila-fest and falling unconscious in a pool of my own vomit. Very simliar to last weekend where I was reportedly throwing chicken bones at other diners at a local KFC after a major binge with the boys (an event I have not partaken in for some time). The chicken-bone throwing incident doesn’t surprise me in the least as this was a favourite pastime of mine in years gone by where you throw the bones at the window when people look in at you when walking past - it gives them a hell of a fright.

Rest assured, oh E2, oh escape mechanism, oh crutch of mine, that I will attempt to do better in future and node more interesting tripe as time permits. I will now go and do my penance.

Our Everything2, who art in cyberspace,
C!hing-worthy be thy nodes.
Thy Nodegel fills, our scillia glisten,
In the Chatterbox as they do in Node Heaven.
Give us this Node, to earn our bullshit,
and deliver us from GTKY.
For thine is the database,
the C!s and the XP, now and for ever,