Last night I was sitting around with a couple of guys supping on evil amber liquid and it turned into one of those “reel off every joke in your repertoire” sessions. The following is one of the jokes told that I thought was particularly amusing, so I thought it apt to share:

A lion went down to the local watering hole for a drink. As he was bending over lapping up the water, a gorilla sitting in the near-by bushes noticed the lion’s arse sticking up in the air and thought to himself “I’d like a bit of that.”

The gorilla crept up behind the lion and shafted him right up the date, then took off running back into the jungle. The lion, somewhat shocked and taken by surprise by the sudden rogering he received, took off after his molesterer.

The pursuit went on for some time, with the lion chasing after the gorilla through the jungle. The gorilla, out of sight for a minute, comes to a clearing where an explorer has made camp. He quickly puts on a hat, large sunglasses, and sits down on a chair and starts reading a newspaper.

The lion comes running into the clearing and looks all around for the gorilla. He says, “You didn’t see a gorilla come running through here did you?”

The gorilla looks over his newspaper at the lion and says, “You mean a big, black, hairy one that just fucked a lion up the ass?”

The lion says “Is it in the newspaper already?”