Usually this is attributed to alien abductions and anal probe insertion, but my experience yesterday was far spookier than any of these.

I spent the night at my girlfriends, and because she lives further away from my work than I flat, I have to get up earlier. The clock/radio, being on her side of the bed, is her responsibility to set every night. That night, she set the alarm (I watched her), and we went to sleep (no, honest). At about 1am I woke to see her up on one elbow messing with the clock/radio. Assuming she was just checking to see that she had set it, I went back to sleep. In the morning I woke up to her swearing and carrying on because it was late and the alarm didn’t go off. She said that it was turned off. I asked her what she was doing at 1am, and she didn’t remember doing anything. She had turned the alarm off in her sleep!

Spookier still is that when I got home last night, my flatmate’s girlfriend came around and said that she had slept in because when her alarm went off that morning, she had switched it off in her sleep!

But to cap it all off – my flatmates had also slept in that morning because their alarms didn’t go off. A fuse in the flat that is for 3 power outlets in the flat, one in each bedroom – happening to be the ones that each of our clock/radio alarms are plugged into, had blown some time in the early hours of the morning!

Aaaaargh!! Noo no noo no (theme to Twilight Zone).