I discovered, quite by accident one morning, the best way of deterring the door-to-door preachers from visiting.

After a particularly long week at work, I finally got to have my sleep-in on the Saturday morning. Much to my chagrin, there was a knock on the door at about 8:30 that morning, raising me from a blissful sleep, and dreams of chasing rabbits.

Nobody ever visited me in those days, unless I knew them personally, or they were there to read the meter.

I finally got up after what seemed like about 3 hours of loud knocking on the door (they probably only knocked once, but in a dozey state, things seem magnified somehow). Still in my sleeping attire (i.e. sans-clothing of any kind) I hid my nakedness behind the door and opened it. Assuming I knew who it was, I just said "Come in." and then walked off, not caring who saw my lilly-white butt.

There was a giggle, and a stammered "Um...you don't know us but..." (I don't know if they said "but" or "butt"). I spun around, now fully aware of what I had done, and revealed myself in my full birthday-suited glory. There were two young woman and a small boy standing on my doorstep trying to avert their eyes, but failing.

I quickly raced back to the door and hid behind it and poked my head around to talk to them. They were still stammering, and trying to remember what they were doing there. I calmly told them that this was not a very good time, and that I wasn't too interested.

I went back to bed and had a blissful few hours more sleep. When I woke I recalled what had happened in my sleepy state, and laughed for the rest of the day recalling the look on their faces.

Needless to say, I didn't see them for the remainder of the time I lived at that address.