If you have read any of my previous write-ups, you will know that this is a short series of inventions I have literally dreamt-up.

A counterweight is the method used in scales (such as the ones used to weigh people) of moving a fixed weight to counter-balance another weight.

My invention involves building a large scaffold or structure of some kind and suspending a car crate (of the kind used in international shipping) from a crossbeam attached to it. On the other end of the cross beam you would attach a movable counterweight. This counterweight would move toward the outer end of the crossbeam as an automatic sensor detects the weight of, whatever it is you are loading it up with, increases. Thus, the counterweight allows you at any time to pick the car crate and it’s load up with one hand and swivel it or simply move it to a higher point in space.

Applications for this device include: