Well, i put much thought into deciding what i was gonna be for halloween.
I thought for hours about it.
I took suggestions from all my friends, scattered throughout the country. (ok, so 99% are in the northeast, sue me)
I looked far and wide for various ideas.
Then it hit me. I'd be the most hideous and horrifying thing i could think of: a Penn student.
Ok fine... all i have to work with is school supplies, my clothes, my computer, and my bed. I didn't feel like carrying my mattress around so i had to go with the Penn sweatshirt i have. I figure that people are always saying that the simple things with much thought put into them are the best. So by that logic, i have the best costume.

On another note... i only have two classes today. Of course, its two of the same class. This works out interestingly... I have the lecture at 9:05 and the "calculation section" at 2:30. The calculation section is two hours long. Wow, the excitement never ends.

I introduced someone to techno music. They had never really listened to it and i felt the need to make sure they had experienced the glory that is techno. I gave them some "mainstream" techno first. Traditional prodigy songs and the like. Then i moved on to the "rave" sort of end. With "better off alone" and "who the fuck is alice". I love that stuff. Then came the custom remixes. My personal favorites of the remixes of the smurf theme song, tetris theme song, inspector gadget theme song, and metroid theme song were all well recieved. Another person saved from the purgatory of a techno-less life.

While i'm on the topic of music, someone sent me a link to a web site that had a rumor about Guns and Roses getting back together for some concert. I don't remember where this was, but that could be pretty cool. I loved guns and roses. I had their "Appetite for Destruction" tape. I listened to it so much it actually wore down and the tape snapped. So i actually didn't feel bad downloading their mp3's because for once, i did actually "own" the music. Sure it was broken, but i paid for it and all.

Arggghhhh... my roommate is sick. This can mean only one thing. By the end of the week, i'll be sick. Oh well, its not like i can really blame him. I'm sure he didn't ask to become sick, and doesn't really intend to spread it to me... oh wait, did i just see him cough in my direction?? Damn . He is trying to get me sick.