Well, i've had an interesting weekend and have a rather boring monday to look forward to.

Well, my monday morning begins with a 20 minute trudge to my first class at 9:05. (Yes, (9:05 am). This is math. This monday, a homework is due. Next i have my writing seminar. I was supposed to have read about 60 pages in some Chandler book (no, not The Big Sleep). Oh well, i'll probably just hide off to the side somewhere and pretend to know what everyone else is talking about. Like i usually do. Then, i get a small break before my chem class. Chem class should be boring as usual. There is usually no shortage of people sleeping through this class. Sure, any big lecture has a few asleep students, but i think this class would be an instant cure for any insomniac. Then, i get to go have lunch. Usually by myself. I don't mind that too much. I get to read the newspaper or something. Then, i'll finish off the day with the other part of my math class. (yes, i have a lecture and a section on the same day.) We'll learn about the stuff we had on the homework. We'll thank him for not teaching the stuff BEFORE we had to do homework on it. Damn partial derivates of funcions in multiple variables... Then i get a relaxing evening while my roommate will go nuts studying for the econ prelim he has the next day.

The weekend has just ended and i'm already looking forward to the next on.