Ahhh... weekends at college. Characterized by parties, drinking, craziness, random chaos, etc. (i think you get the idea). And, here at Cornell at least, there is even WORK done on the weekends (my god!)

So, what have i done with my weekend so far?

Absolutely Nothing!

Sure, i wrote a few nodes here and there, did maybe two of the thirty of my math problems... but many, many hours of weekend and so little activity. I think i am bringing the word vegetable to a new meaning. All i can say in my defense is: I don't do this every weekend... certain circumstances happen to bring me to this level this weekend.

So, what do i plan to do with the rest of my weekend? Well, i should probably get started on the following things that need to be done for this week:
1. 4-6 page paper for my freshman writing seminar
2. Lab report for my chem class
3. Studying for my major math test
4. Homework for my math class
5. Homework for my chem class
6. Homework for my "Intro to chem engineering" class

"Wow Tannor!! It sounds like the rest of our weekend and the entire week is going to be loads of fun!!!"

Bah i say... BAH! No problem. I'll take to my homework like a nympho to an orgy... (hmmm....)
Oh wait, no, i'll probably procrastinate like i've never procrastinated before. This brings up a very stupid saying one of my friends is very keen on: "Procrastinating is like masturbating: It feels great while you are doing it, but when you are done, you realize you have just fucked yourself." Sure, this quote is true and all, but procrastination is the tradition of the student everywhere.

Oh, i almost forgot:
One more day until mole day!!
Get ready to party at 6:02 (am or pm) like you've never partied before!!!