Well, after a 3.5 hour busride i'm finally back to my home. I'm one of the few people that call my dorm room "home" and where my family lives "away." Of course, i'm also the only one who thinks that the food here is better than at home.

Well, i got back to my room, unpacked and set up my new printer. Its one of those "plug 'n pray" deals, but i actually got it working in about thirty seconds. Of course, the ink cartridge needs to be changed, but i doubt i can blame that one on windows.

I bought some headphones for my computer so i don't have to bother my roommate with my music and other sounds (like those quake and Unreal tournament ones...). They were on sale at radio shack for half price. I think they are made of titanium or something. Thats what it says on the box. Of course, that could just be a brand name or something. I'd be lying if i said i cared...

I have some work to do for tomorrow but i really don't feel like doing it. Oh well. Its nothing too important.