And so the annoying week begins.

The three events, feared by all the peasants, have usually been separated. They fall one by one usually; handled with little difficulty with some teamwork and good planning. But suddenly, a shadow fell upon Tannorsville. Something was wrong. The streams flowed backwards. The sun didn't rise. The moon wouldn't set. The well dried up. Something was wrong.
The peasants began to worry.
What was happening? Could it be? The three feared events... were they converging on a single week?
And so, to prepare for the inevitable, the peasants planned what needed to be done.

The first event, a firestorm, was set for wednesday.
The second event, feard by villagers throughout the land, was the coming of the demons. The day would be thursday, in the early evening.
The third event, only experienced in some regions, was the tidal waves. The waves were expected mid-day on friday.
And so, early in the week, the peasants remained calm. There was some time. They played quake and Unreal Tournament between their tasks. There was time.

My god man!! who's idea was it to have a paper due on wednesday, a mid-term like test on thursday, and a lab due on friday!!!

/me enters the fray.