Classes as usual today... except for math class.
Our math professor never showed up. We left, and later got an e-mail from him saying he was sorry.

There was an AXE (Alpha Chi Sigma) party tonight. This party was one of the best parties i've ever attended in my life. It was a frat party for a frat i am pledging... i guess it doesn't get any better than that.
I found out who my big brother is.
My big brother handed down to me the secret of making the punch.
The punch is in fact fruit punch, rum, and traces of other elements (i can't give away all the secrets)

Oh, and here is the kicker: I have to meet my parents early in the morning. Its parents weekend. Woohoo! That should add up to be interesting.

This node was created while i was at least partly inebriated. I kept it very light due to the knowledge of what had to be done the next day.