When you are in school, you are a drone. Every week, you follow the same pattern. Classes on the same days, labs on the same days, homework due on the same days. From class to class, the little drones follow each other is straight lined swarms. When will it all end? When will we be free... But then there is the kicker...
Its probably going to be the same once you graduate and get employed

Well, thats enough optimism for the future. Its time to recap my ever so exciting day.

Morning: I wake up, take a shower and go have breakfast in the nearby cafeteria. I then trudge to my first class: math. Following math i have my freshman writing seminar.

Lunch: Instead of having the regular grilled chicken sandwich, i go wild and have the pasta special which consists of pasta, beef, and a mildly spicy sauce. MMMM.... it was actually kinda good. Well, after this its off to my chem class, where an extremely funny professor resides. This is probably the only class i look forward to each day.

Afternoon: After chem i have my comp sci class. Its a class in discrete mathematics. I'm not sure what that exactly means, but it seems that we just do math and logic type stuff that directly relates to computer science. Other than that, one may confuse it for a basic math class.

Early evening: I then trudge back to my dorm room, where i engage in some online gaming consisting of killing people. The more people ya kill, the better ya feel. Then, around 5 or 6, or whenever enough people get hungry and decide to go eat, me and some friends went over to the cafeteria to eat. I had a ham, salami, and provologne cheese sandwich. MMMM... sandwich.

Evening: Because i have no classes tomorrow, i decided to not really do any work. Instead, i watched the movie groove. I'd recommend this movie to anyone who likes techno or trance music, just because its got damn fine music. The plot is really just one giant crazy rave in an abandoned warehouse. Then the highlight of my entire day hit. I get a message around 11:30 from a friend that i need to come over to his room. This is kinda late on a school night to be leaving for a friends room (his dorm is about 2 minutes away from mine.) But, he seems rather urgent so i go. When i get there, i am stunned.

Friends room, circa 11:35: I walk in to a room with 3 people in it. My two friends, who occupy the room, and their neighbor, who i also know because he is often there. He is dancing. But that is not the weird thing. He is dancing on a pad hooked up to a computer in sync with a dancing type game. The point seemed to be to hit the right spots as the indicators for spots on the pad scrolled by on the screen. They convince me to give it a try. As i am doing it, a flash goes off from my friends camera. This isn't too surprising.... Well, this went on for about an hour or so, but it was mostly the neighbor playing... since he was kinda good at it. Then i went back to my room and started up my nightly noding ritual.