The last day before classes start once again here at Cornell University.
How did i spend this last day of freedom? Crying mostly. J/K

Morning: Got up early - my strategy to allow me to go to sleep early and actually get up for my 9 am class on monday. Played some Action Quake and talked to a few of my friends who were actually awake.

Around Noon: Went to eat with one of my friends. We talked about classes and the sort. Most people would frown upon talking about such things the day before classes began, but we didn't care. -Side Note- I ate cereal, eggs, pancakes, and pineapple with just a knife and a spoon. Yep, they didn't have forks (it was crowded) but i met the challenge head on.

Afternoon: Spent most of the afternoon just as i spent my morning: playing AQ and talking to some friends.

Early Evening: I had been expecting that two female friends of mine were gonna cook dinner tonight for a group of us. Turns out they just made garlic bread and we had to bring the rest of our meal ourselves. Oh well... Their explanation was that they forgot to bring the sushi that they were gonna make and serve. Oh well... sushi dinner becomes garlic bread with a sandwich. Not quite the same.

Evening: Some AQ is played (again... i hadn't played in a while since its not installed on my PC i have at my home away from college). Then i attempted to watch Futurama. Some loser was watching a basketball game. Oh well... at least it was changed back to fox by the time the simpsons came one. Of course, in the middle of Malcolm in the Middle the lounge was raided by a group of girls that absolutely had to see the Golden Globe Awards. Oh well... i return to my room and watch some anime.

Then, its off to the noding and voting here...