"The funniest game you can imagine!" -Motto on box

iMAgiNiff...(capitalization is correct) was released by Buffalo Games, Inc. in 1998, and is a rather obscure game. It requires there be anywhere between 3 and 8 players who know each other fairly well.

In the box, we have eight sets of numbered cards, numbered 1 to 6. There's also a whole bunch of Question Cards, 8 tokens, a special gray token that looks different from all the rest, the gameboard, a whiteboard marker, one die, and the instructions.

The gameboard is rectangular, with an oval inscribed within. On the outer edge of the oval, there are eight blank spaces and a space marked "Challenge". Inside, there are 26 spaces arranged in a spiral. The first one is marked "Start", and the last one says "iMagINiff...". Everyone who's playing writes their name on a space in the outer ring, and puts a piece on Start. They then receive six numbered cards that match their color.

Someone goes first. That player places the grey token on the outer ring and rolls the die. That player moves the gray token in any direction, as many spaces as is showing on the die.

Then the same player pulls a question card. A sample:

iMAgiNiff... ______ were a Comic Strip character. Who would he/she be?
1 Dilbert
2 Blondie
3 Dennis the Menace
4 Popeye
5 Hagar the Horrible
6 Andy Capp

The whole card is read aloud with the name that is under the gray token in the blank. Then it is passed around to anyone who doesn't remember what's on it.

Now, everyone takes one of their numbered cards and places it face down on the table. Each player should place what they feel the correct answer is. Then everyone flips their card over.

Everyone in the majority of matching numbers moves a space. If the reader is in the majority, he/she moves 2. If there's a tie (i.e. three 4's and three 6's) everyone involved in the tie gets to move one, except for the reader (if applicable) who moves two.

When the die is rolled and the gray token lands on Challenge, the roller rolls again, and begins a challenge with the player who's under the token. One question is read. If the answers match, both players go forward four spaces. If they don't, both go back two.

Sometimes, when someone tries to draw a question to be read, they draw a bonus card. This card can be played whenever a numbered card is placed. If the player is correct, they move an extra one or two spaces (whatever the card says). Otherwise, the card is wasted, and nothing happens.

I had fun playing this game. iMAgiNiff... _TanisNikana_ were a drink. What would he/she be? Kind of hard to answer questions about yourself, I think.