NOVA (Newberg's Opportunities for the Very Able) is a regional program open to anyone, provided they are willing to take an advanced course, usually falling in the guidelines of "harder than AP". There is also a NOVA Explore option available at Newberg High School in which high school students explore a subject of their own choosing. Subjects can be absolutely anything as long as it complies with the standards listed in the Code of Conduct (namely, nothing obscene or pornographic.). Independent study classes are also available and are taught with Explore classes.

The main difference between an Explore class and an Independent study is that while Explore classes are of anything the students desire, Independent study is limited to only the courses taught in the school. Independent study is designed for people who opt out of working in a standard classroom, if a required course doesn't fit into the student's schedule, or if they need to re-take a failed class.

To apply for an Explore or an Independent study class, all that is needed are signatures from a Counselor, the NOVA Coordinator, and an Instructor in the field of your subject (if applicable). Then create a two-page proposal that states your actions in this Explore, the product that will come from it, and the methods you will take for obtaining desired product.

However, lack of funding for the entire Newberg School District is threatening the Explore/Independent Study program, and may cease to exist in seven to eight weeks, as of January 17, 2003.