Imagine: A rather large platform of land, with a deep canyon in a circular shape around it. Out in the middle of nowhere; a desert. There are bridges connecting this platform, little rickety rope bridges. On this platform, there's a massive metropolis; roughly the size of New York City. On the other side of the rope bridge was a small yellow house, looking like it was in the middle of nowhere.

This was my destination; the house had belonged to Robert, my mother's ex-fiancee. I arrived, and Robert burst out of the door, told me to clean up the garbage out back. I looked at it, and it was alive with vermin, insects, mold and all. I had no gloves.

"No." I said. At that point, he was infuriated. He raised his hands high and sent me flying over the chasm, into the city. I was dropped right into a small raggedy group of people. (This particular part of the city resembled Downtown in Twisted Metal: Black.) They were eating signs(Why? I have no clue), the signs that are for businesses and the like. They see me, and they start chasing me. As I run, more of them come out of thin air. They were now armed, with all sorts of weapons, I kept running, until I encountered a derelict Jack-in-the-Box restaurant. I didn't have time to stop, because they came flooding out of there, too.

Then I woke up with a sweat.

This dream occured to me about ten years ago, and I had just recalled it, so here it is!