Let's try this again, now that my brain works better.

Blister took the wheel of the Dundee Nodermobile as Spike got into the back. Then I got up front, and accidentally bashed my head on that stupid visor that always hangs down a bit.

I had this hat. It was basically what I described it as earlier: blue and red and fuzzy all over. Forget exactly why I was wearing it, though. I remember Blister kept taking it from me when we got to Fry's.

The ride over there, to Wilsonville was crap. No one talked, unless it was just to say the random things that popped into the head once in a while. The only thing I can remember from that was "I'm wearing pants!" I think that was me. Heh. It was true.

Anyway, the whole damn point of this trip was to get to Fry's to return some faulty RAM. I was feeling lost and confused, but I saw a Dance Dance Revolution machine over there, in the corner. It wasn't quite a machine, more like a PS2 rigged up to be one.

Well, I tried my luck, since I'm getting pretty good with my fingers. My brain didn't let my eyes and my feet work correctly at all. I fell over twice, I think. Screw that. So I followed Spike and Blister around, watching them pick out games to buy.

After that, it was another nauseous ride back to Newberg. Some talking, I remember I had the impression that it was kind of like the catbox, but it was rather disjointed. Probably because if we were to open our mouths, it wouldn't be words that came out, more like a mess that'd get all over the place.

Here we were, in Newberg. More precisely, the entrance to Fred Meyer. I had conveniently lost/forgot about my cell phone sometime back, so I didn't have it with me at the time. So that's why we relied on the payphones. Spike checked with his mother to go off to Sherwood, and I talked to my dad. The phone wire was crappy; I don't think it was my brain. The handset was on the verge of being detached from the phone.

He said yes. Thus, it was off to Sherwood we went. Along the way, we whistled the Kill Bill Whistle, where that's from I don't know, but it was fun to whistle anyway, as everyone's broken, offkey, offbeat notes were combined to create a full version of the thing. And there was also some completely on key yelling, all three of us were making the exact same noise (aaaahhhh) for about a minute. Why? Dunno.

There it was, the Regal 10. Gonna watch Vol. 2. Good plan, 'cept it wasn't showing for another hour and a half. They (tried their best to) whistle that song to the lady at the ticket booth. I gave up; I couldn't have whistled like that. I doubt I made half a note in the car.

Got the tickets. They pulled up some seats and watched a cardboard version of Kate Hudson's ass for a while, then they got bored and we went into the theater, No. 5. No one was here. No one was out there, either, save for the ticket lady. Blister tried to remedy his boredom by sneaking into the Girl Next Door. I suppose it worked, because he didn't come back.

So we got bored in here (here being No. 5), then. "Hey, Spike."
"Betcha can't sit in all these seats."
"Oh yeah?"
"Go." And he did. Every seat. I was trying to mathematically calculate how many seats he sat in. Big mistake.
"Nope. I counted 259." Then I thought it'd be pretty great to raise all the cupholders so people'd wonder where they went. And I did.

Then we were bored. Noting how all the seats with the raised cupholders looked like couches or futons, Blister and Spike decided to sleep for about 45 minutes. And I opened up the Cranial Explorer.

There was a forest. You heard about it. Same damn forest every sleep. Only the events within changed. This time, I grabbed a flashlight, and a map, and was promptly swallowed by EDB. I fell asleep. In a theater. Too damn early for the movie. With people laying down over there. And me thinking about stuff.

The hell with this, I have to pee. And I did, because that's what you do when faced with a toilet. And when I came out, there were people there. Not a lot, but there were meatsacks here and there. Back to the theater. The pre-previews were showing. And we watched.

And I forgot I was wearing that ridiculous hat, until the movie was over. And if you want a conclusion, I guess we went home. How's that?

(And by the way, the first telling of this story, in my opinion, was quite cool. However, we need 20 CCs of clarity, stat!)