Consider the nature aspect further:

While, yes, we are omnivores a certain portion of our nature is carnivorous. Combine this with our gregarious nature, and you produce conditions of congregated hunters. It should not be surprising that dictatorships will arise - dominance by the strongest and most successful hunter.

You could argue that the harsh conditions present in the countryside of Russia would further reward those hunters who were most fierce, and over time produce an even more likely tendancy for harsh governance, but when does this stop being nature and become cultural - a learned social behavior that continues to reward the most successful strong, dominant leader?

It is a worthy discussion.

The road rage example is pretty good for dealing with the issues of our or deeper nature, but not I think for the exact reason you mention. I tend to consider the matter in classic flight or fight terms. There you are strapped stationary into a ton of metal and plastic and flammable material hurtling yourself down the road with great speed... and some fool cuts you off. You can't run. You are trapped. This idiot just placed you at risk of imminent death with no escape. Well flight is certainly ruled out, and you know what they say about cornered animals...