January 22, 1879 4,000+ Zulu warriors, cheered by the stunning victory at Isandhlwana, descended upon the farm of Rorke's Drift in Natal, South Africa. There were British troops therein, a whopping 140 men - 36 of which were in the hospital.

This was essentially the British Alamo, only the Alamo won. The troops fought all day and through the night, only to have the Zulus salute the defenders as warriors and depart.

There were more Victoria Crosses (British Congressional Medal of Honor) awarded at this fight than at any other.

The movie Zulu is the Hollywood version of events, and really quite good. Fairly accurate historically and led by an excellent performance from Michael Caine, in what was his first starring role.

In a nod to subsequent nodes, I amend the above to state that there were more individual Victoria Crosses award at this battle than any other. I also accept that while the film rendition of the Zulu saluting the defenders was a strong visual - I thought I read it somewhere. A cursory search of sources at hand has turned up no supporting reference - so it may be false.