If Phillip Adams really reckons drinking Victoria Bitter is "like sucking chemical waste through a slaughterman's singlet" then he should steer well clear of this beer which as the name suggests originates from the Victorian maritime/industrial city of Geelong, about 150km west of Melbourne.

Like VB, this "bitter" is really a lager and is brewed by Carlton and United Breweries. It is a full strength beer, with about 4.7% alcohol, and is seldom found in cans or bottles outside of Geelong. It is a rare pub which has it on tap, too.

Taken in small sips, the flavour of Geelong Bitter is remarkably similar to vomit. It is best to just swig it and enjoy the alcoholic properties. Compare: American Beer. Contrast: Coopers Sparkling Ale.

All said and done, GB is impossible to resist on a Tuesday night at the Tote, when it is priced at $A1.10 the pot. It's better than Foster's anyway.

Be warned: experienced drinkers advise that Geelong gives bad hangovers.