Well? Why do American car manufacturers feel the need to put fit their cars with engines so huge as to be considered insane by British drivers? There is a reason of course. It's simple. The engine has to be huge because the car is also ENORMOUS. 5 litre engines are necessary when driving 4 meter long cars weighing over 3 tons.

In the UK no-one would buy such a car. No-one could aford to run it. Petrol (Gas) prices in England include over 70% tax. In the US, fuel costs <insert small number> cents per gallon, while in the UK, we pay <insert larger number> pence per litre. British drivers pay so much for fuel that it woud simply be impractical to run any more than a 2 litre engine. Most people talk about "one-point-something" as their engine size, and cars are physically so much smaller that the power:weight ratio is similar anyway.

Where would I rather live? The US. But I wouldn't drive a huge car. I'd run something small and enjoy the saving.