Every so often, you come across a household product which is known specifically by one brand name. This is usually because the brand in question is the most popular version of that product.

Take, for example:

  1. Hoover: Imagine how irritated James Dyson must feel when someone asks him if they can buy one of his lovely cyclone vacuum cleaners. "It's NOT a HOOVER, It's a DYSON!"
  2. Sellotape: Ask for some clear sticky tape to wrap a gift. I bet you don't ask for sticky tape. No sir, you'll be wanting some Sellotape if you live in the UK, or Scotch Tape if you live in the US.
  3. This may be a UK thing, but where I come from, sticky stretchy soft adhesive is always called Blu-Tack, regardless of it's colour.
  4. Coke (or, In some places, Pepsi) is the default term for brown fizzy stuff. As in, "Would you like a Coke?".
  5. Esp. in the US, to photostatically reproduce an image is (usually?) to Xerox it
  6. Q-tips are the generic American cotton swabs for ear-fiddling.
  7. After a period of one handed surfing, you may want to clean up using a Kleenex