The Star Wars universe has been partially recreated in Lego. Star Wars Lego sets fall into these catagories:
  • Star Wars Episode 1
  • Star Wars Classic (Episodes 4-6)
  • Star Wars Ultimate Collector
  • Star Wars Minifig Sets
  • Star Wars Technic Sets
  • Star Wars Mindstorms Sets
I have listed all the (non-Episode 1) sets currently released. If new ones appear, I will avidly buy them and add them to this list. The initial 4 digit number is the Lego set number. Where possible, I have linked the ship names to existing Star Wars nodes. In one or two of these nodes, people mention the Lego sets. Here, I have mentioned the minifigs and any extras included in the set.

Where are the Episode 1 sets?

The reason I have omitted the Episode 1 sets from the following list is that they interest me less. For now. They just don't feel as sexy as the 'Classic' (i.e. Episode 4 - 6) sets.
Update Gnomatron has helpfully noded the full list of Episode 1 sets below.

Where can I get more info?

If you desperately want more, /msg me and I'll pad it out. I am a bit fanatical about these sets, so I might be persuaded to describe the sets' contents in more detail and give a mini-review of each under the linked node. In any case, this writeup will probably undergo changes as more are released, and I refine the details about each. And the Episode 1 sets? Oh, Ok. I'll list them too.

I am a regular visitor to, which hosts a fantastic Lego review site which covers just about the whole Star Wars Lego collection - so you could try there too.

Of course, is where the full set can be viewed (and even purchased) in all its colourful glory.

Do /msg me if I'm messed up, or you think I should be linking to somthing I've missed. Cheers. TallRoo