A powerul Wizard who turned to the Dark Side. 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' is the perfect villain. He is responsible for the murder of Harry Potter's parents, and from that moment is destined to fill Harry with fear and nervousness. Although strong in the Dark arts, he failed to kill Harry as a baby. Surely the thought of You-Know-Who brings Harry out in chills for one reason; that one day there must be a face to face confrontation.

Some comparisons with Darth Vader are obvious. Powerful, turned bad, name begins with V. J.K. Rowling even uses the term, "the Dark Side".

He was educated (along with most Wizards and Witches) at Hogwarts. He was in dark and scary Slytherin house. Apparently, anyone who ever turned to the Dark arts was in Slytherin.

Out of interest, Voldemort carries a 13.5 inch wand made of yew, with a Phoenix Feather core.

Thanks to Dhericean for additional info.