This morning the weather was cold. Really nipple-achingly cold. I feel ill and am just about to go home to rest for a while. Early night. Oh yes. Actually, I feel really odd at the moment. Almost drunk. My hands are shaking and my head feels heavy. When I walked to the vending machine (I heard it was selling Mars Bars for 4p, which it was -- this is something that happens) I felt light and disconnected from my feet. However, as it's been a while since I wrote a daylog (I went away from work for 2 weeks for Christmas, and now I seem to be out of the habit) I feel like updating you on my life. Hope you don't mind it being a bit fragmented. I can't concentrate enough to flow.

Christmas was good. Nice to have some time away from work. For New Years Eve I spent the whole day with my darling wife. We didn't go out, but watched fireworks from the window. Romantic like.

I have been doing fun things with computers recently. At work, I taught myself how to write a simple Servlet. I love servlets. Better than Applets any day. Recreationally, computers still play all too large a part in my life. All day Saturday was spent playing Counter Strike in a 30-player LAN party.

My Lego collection steadily grows. It's moved firmly into Star Wars territory now. I'm missing only a couple of ships - and as I got paid last week I may have to remedy the situation this week.

Oh, I got a work colleague hooked on E2 last week. Felt vaguely dirty. Or something. (He's reading this over my shoulder and just took issue with the word "hooked"; he hasn't actually submitted a writeup yet I'm sure he is addicted. I've already seen him looking things up today.)

Time to go home. I hope to see you tomorrow, when I should be feeling a bit better. Send me cookies and milk. And tomato soup..