Ben Folds' project, which also includes David Davidson (on violin), John Mark Painter (on a variety of instruments including theremin, and vocoder), William Shatner (speech) and Caleb Southern (co-writer of the track, Fear of Pop) is called Fear of Pop. The album is subtitled Vol. 1.

Released (US) November 17, 1998 on Sony. The album got mixed reviews. Some loved the departure from Ben Folds Five stuff, while others hated it. In any case, this album is varied. Most of it is superb, albeit surreal at times.

  1. Fear Of Pop
  2. Kops
  3. Slow Jam '98
  4. Blink
  5. In Love
  6. Interlude
  7. Avery M. Powers Memorial Beltway
  8. I Paid My Money
  9. Rubber Sled
  10. Root To This
  11. Still In Love
Listen carefully to the start of Rubber Sled, and you'll hear a speeded-up rendition of Brick (from Whatever and Ever, Amen played in the shop. In Love is the brilliant recording which features William Shatner.
I can’t tell you anything and...
you’re right!
I can’t commit! you!”