October 1

It's my birthday. Today I turned 23 and handled a few E2 Nuke Requests.

October 2

Killed some URLs Listed some URL nodeshells for destruction
  • Claudiaschiffer.com
  • stileproject.com
  • Claudiaschiffer.com
  • adequacy.org
  • advocacy.org
  • alladvantage.com
More kills
  • Stile (person) by stile - homenode stuff
  • a fucked up bug in Everything by dr and crayz - bugs go in E2 Bugs. Detail is always nice too.
  • Reasons to vote for George W. Bush (idea) Infinity, point145, Chrono, pokey, norev and WeamsCarnival - these were all the negative writeups in a very long, boring node Softlocked

    Firmlinked: gleak to gleek

    Glared at attrition.org and Reasons why George W. Bush became president

    October 3

    With JayBonci's god-like help the URL purge continues. JayBonci will remove over 200 URL nodeshells tomorrow.

    To add to that list I got on with today's kills:

    Everyone got a Klaptroth msg a bit like this:

    I ate your writeup ... because URLs make bad node titles. Consider reposting it as ...

    October 4

    Firmlinked: Bowl Championship Series to BCS

    Editor Cooled: Care instructions for the Juniper Bonsai

    October 5

    October 9

    October 10

    October 11

    October 12

    Softlocked: First Kiss

    October 19

    So URLs

    October 24

    • SETIhome by Reo and crayz - badly titled. Even the properly titled node isn't great. Content Rescue perhaps..

    October 31