All kills (or 'removals') listed below are without loss unless otherwise stated. The nodegel may go down as well as up.

Fri 6 July

Mon 9 July

Tue 10 July

Wed 11 July

  • Camel urine as medicine (idea) by hotthamir (mercifully) it was copy and pasted from - Please don't do this.
  • Oh dear. It seems that hotthamir has done this before. I have contacted the user and will work on the problem tomorrow.

Thu 12 July

Mon 16 July

  • hotthamir has not responded to my various messages since Wednesday (see the entry for Wed 11th, above) regarding copied and pasted material. Today, the follwing were killed because they were lifted from various websites.
    1. bagpipes =
    2. Take now your son, your only son, Isaac =
    3. Al Zeer Salem =
    I killed them mercifully. If the user does this again then no mercy will be shown.

Tue 17 July

    More copy and paste. This time from, a site devoted to letting little blighters cheat on homework assignments. Dark Horse, after some /msgs, submitted an Nuke Request for all copy and pasted writeups.

Mon 23 July

I am going away for a week. No doubt I will log in now and then.

* = nodeshell destruction request too.