I am TallRoo (hi tallroo) and I am an Editor. I won't list kills requested by the user (e.g. nuke requests) here. Thanks to Mr Klaproth, everyone gets a message with a reason for the kill. Sometimes I might show that reason here as well.

Thu 2nd August

General tidying up. You will remember from previous logs that I am removing URL nodes. Why? well, here's why you shouldn't use a URL as a node title so please stop noding websites.

Fri 3rd Aug

Sun 5th Aug

Noding on a Sunday night. How sad.

Wed 8th Aug

  • * Creep (Radiohead) (thing) by JeffMagnus - please Don't Namespace Your Lyrics, folks.
  • Sat 11 Aug

    • * What's on my Desk? (place) by uli (mercifully) - horribly GTKY. Even ended with the line "Feel free to add your own write-up"

    Mon 13 Aug

    This week I am working in San Francisco. Miss me.

    Tue 21 Aug

    Tue 28 Aug

    • * SP/DIF (thing) by dexmon - we already have S/PDIF the more correct spelling. Actually, we also have S-PDIF, which is used interchangably, but I asked Boldra to move to S/PDIF.

    * = nodeshell destruction request too.