Fairly happy. "Today will be mild, sunny everywhere with a maximum temperature of 21 centigrade." Later, we'll see if that little prediction comes true.

Work work work

Anyway, writing, editing, tidying and re-reading are todays jobs. University project nearly finished. Next friday... Next friday... Will be finished in time, but still having trouble at night. When I do, I have lots of dreams, but I can't remember them - so nothing for the dream log.

My little (18 year old) brother wants his first PC, so I'm helping him buy and build it. He's very excited. I'm looking forward to it too. Making computers is fun. At the moment, we are looking at building a PC from parts for about £1000. When I built my first computer (4 years ago) I spect £1000. That seems to be a magic number: how much it costs to build a high-end PC. Of course, every year they get faster, but the cost seems to be constant. With systems, the cost is probably the psychological barrier above which people won't venture.


Update: It seems the weather prediction for today was about correct. Makes a change.