Well, in the last couple of days I have had a couple of chances to visit the machine rooms downstairs. I love the machine rooms. I would actually abaondon my desk (which has a window seat I'll have you know) to work down there. Underground. (I just took a few minutes to node machine room, as no-one else had. Well there was server room, but that wasn't the right node for what I wanted to write.)

Just got an email containing a story about a woman driver in Paris, who drove into a Metro entrance (for pedestrians to walk down to the underground station) thinking it was an underground car park. There was a great picture of her car blocking a walkway (with stone steps, and a handrail on it by the way). Great stuff.

Sheesh, my XP to Node Ratio is just over 6. Is that good? It feels good, which is what counts I guess.
... Having done a bit of research, it doesn't come very close to some people with extremely high XP/Writeup ratios, but never mind.

Well, today has been fun. Node nicely.