I have been watching the show, Big Brother recently. (We have it over here in the UK now too.) In fact, I have not missed much of it in the last 3 weeks. Yesterday was really exciting.

A bit of background:
There is this guy called Nick. He is a bit too devious for the public (or the press) to like him. He has been dubbed 'Nasty' or 'Naughty' Nick because of his behaviour. Like what? Well there were rumours that he had a mobile phone (which is not allowed). He has been generally two faced, playing the other contestants off against each other and attempting to influence their nominations.

Early yesterday morning, it all came to a climax when a couple of the contestants started talking about how Nick had been suggesting that they nominate, which they didn't like. They checked his bag and found bits of paper with peoples names on. There was a confrontation the next day, and my god was it exciting. My heart was pounding. I don't feel sorry for Nick, but the tension of the situation really got to me. Anyway, he's been disqualified, and evicted from the house. This happened yesterday afternoon, although it has not yet been televised. The reasons for his disqualification are having paper and pencil in the house (not allowed), and attempting to influence nominations (definitely not allowed). It looked like he was ready to quit anyway, we'll se tonight I guess.

So, non TV news...
Yesterday I banged my head against a Java problem for a few hours. After a good fun debugging attempt, it was discovered that the AIX machine we were using was running 1.1.6. Upgrading to 1.1.8 fixed it immediately. How irritating. Similar problem was discovered on Solaris too. If you have a Solaris or AIX boxen then don't use anything before Java 1.1.8. However, don't be an upgrade weenie either.