Sheesh. Just went on a mad music noding spree covering lots of Belle and Sebastian EPs and Ben Folds Five albums too. Great fun.
This was all sparked off because I spent half of last night, when I should have been working, attempting to solve the burning, frustrating problem I mentioned yesterday. I had been listening to the instrumental at the end of Woman's Realm (the best track from Belle and Sebastian's new album), and thought I recognised it. Well, the answer (in case you were at all concerned for the state of my sleep) was found last night and came as a great relief. I had even emailed the band to ask them to help me! I have noded the answer in Woman's Realm.

So now it's today. I'm hungry as it's nearly lunchtime already.

Big Brother is really exciting at the moment. It's how I switch off in the evenings. That and reading Harry Potter books.