We were here on E2 the last time this happened, Nemoysn and me.  Orpheum was up on a hill watching the fires then. Apparently he ain't round here much any more.

This is the third time in my 42 years that I've seen fire come in off the Brindabella ranges. Months of drought have stripped the colour out of the landscape... smoke has stripped it out of the horizon and the sky. During the day the sun is so hot everything looks shades of white...now it's a warm grey, with a few nearby eucalypts close enough that I can still see some green through the haze.

E2 doesn't look the same now either...nor do we. There's a button to click to put in a link for gods' sakes...and I have no idea if I need to put in little end of paragraph tags. It's been a long time...I'm no longer married to the man I wasn't yet married to then...and I see Orpheum has a son. But the cat who arrived in my life at the same time as E2 is still here - stretched out on the deck, disdaining the airconditioning. Her cat carrier has been in the car for weeks - there's been a few days of knowing that if the wind changes it's me and her and we're heading north.

Cool Man Eddie informs me that someone still likes my writeup titled "How to calm a cat in heat". Same cat, again. Thanks, Eddie. Glad you're still here.