Pack your passports! Prepare to change time zones! Bring chewing gum for the intense changes in altitude. Find your phrasebook!
Arm yourself against the hostile natives! Bring the glass beads!

Yes! Noders of Australia!

You are invited to journey far and long and seek the sensuous delights of





Well, ok, so maybe us Canberrans have to make our own fun. That’s why Mount Taylor burns every year. But I love this place, and I’ve just moved back, and have a funky house that seems pretty damn right for a party. Hence:

When: 2 pm Saturday March 27th 2004

Where: DELETED, Kambah, ACT, 2902

My place includes:

  • Deck and backyard and stuff capable of fitting quite a few noderbods.
  • Inground pool and outdoor spa (for those brave enough to bear the sight of bare noderflesh in speedos…)
  • Dance Dance Revolution (and, hopefully, a BIG projector to make it more interesting)
  • BBQ
  • Coupla computers with ADSL (for anyone who *has* to node at a nodermeet!)

I’ll have some amount of beer, wine, soft drink etc available. Unless there’s been a mass shift to teetotalism, that won’t be enough. I strongly suggest that anyone who wants much alcohol brings some to add to the festive cheer. Likewise - anyone who wants spirits, or wine that comes out of an actual bottle – bring your own. There’s a bottle-o, but it’s a long walk, and an even longer drunken stagger.

I’ll have sufficient food around to soak up some of the alcohol and stave off massive hunger pangs. Other than that, I’ll have the local pizza hut number inscribed on the fridge or on speed dial, or something. Or, you are welcome to bring hunks of dead animal and burn it on the barbeque.

Oh - and if you've got food allergies or intolerances, let me know and I'll make sure there's at least something you can eat. Speaking of allergies, if you have a cat problem, be warned I have a furry little kit who does tend to shed.

If all that gets boring, or the neighbours start forming a posse, it is rumoured that it’s possible to locate some form of Canberra “nightlife”. I’ll research this strange phenomenon closer to the date.

Other logistical thingys:

Getting here:
I don’t do public transport. I know little about it. If anyone from out of town really wants to use the awful Canberra bus system (no trains, no trams), I can try and locate a bus timetable for you. Driving is dead easy s’long as you’ve got a map (or know the area backwards). Anybody wanting step by step instructions from somewhere, let me know.

For those of you coming in from interstate, my partner (Red) has offered to do a sort of shuttle service from the airport, coach terminal or train station (wherever that is...) Let me know beforehand and he'll organise to come and collect you. If you come in groups, so much the better. At the worst, a taxi from the city probably costs around $30.

Since there’s a drought, our lawn is practically dead anyway, so go ahead: park on it. Or on the street. Or my driveway. Or anywhere, really.

As Canberra has a grand total of about eight noders, I’m obviously hoping some out of towners will join us. I’ve got a couple of spare mattresses (foam – you have been warned) and a sofa bed that stretches to two for any couples who may turn up (or form during the evening). Then there’s a fair bit of spare floor space for those who are ok with just bringing sleeping bag and pillow. Feel free to arrive on the Friday night – just LET ME KNOW FIRST. Got that? We will endeavour to make sure everyone’s got a place to snooze, but you’ve got to give me some warning.

Any local noders who can provide a couch or a bed or a pile of dank straw – let me know and I’ll post names here.

Emergency contact:
Half way here and forgotten the address? Sudden E2 downage? Completely lost in the wilds of Queanbeyan? If you’ve inscribed these handy numbers somewhere as soon as you read them – you have the option of calling for help.

The important bit: Ruservupping!

Msg me if you’re coming. Or if you might come, or want to but can’t, or don’t want to and just want to rub it in.

People who’ll be here:

People who're thinking about it:

  • sideways - a sandgroper who'll try to manage the cross country trek
  • teos - who's stuck in Melbourne but will try to organise a road trip!
  • jwfxpr - should be in Melb but will see what can be done...
  • Zero Signal - sees logistical problems but wants to be in the maybe pile anyway
  • Radix½ says I'll see what I can do if I'm not busy wandering around armidale university looking for scraps of food.
  • ToasterLeavings - very very very slim chance but will keep fingers crossed
  • insom might possibly manage it
  • chilidog wants to be a definite maybe
  • Kalon says Put me quite firmly in the MAYBE!
  • demented will check the roster (and told me where the train station is...)
  • Impartial will attempt to get a lift (and gave more info on those damn trains...)
  • Ads might make it if any other Queenslanders want to travel together
  • Jonkavelli is considering it (he'd bloody better, he's in Canberra)
  • Swift^ is in Adelaide, and would love a lift!?
  • PopeHypocriteIII lives in Canberra and should get here, dammit.

People who unfortunately can't make it:

  • dave2, who says: I'm so very sorry to announce I won't be able to make the nodermeet. being a 15 year old canadian, I doubt I'd find a way there. I also doubt you care, and I'm fairly certain I'm messaging you sarcastically. But have fun, and good luck!
  • IWhoSawTheFace who's a v. long way away, but wished us much fun
  • Danoot sent a cryptic msg which I interpret as more "no" than "maybe"
  • HenryBok is off helping break some record or other but says I hope you all have fun and those road tripping drive safe.
  • Andrew Aguecheek unfortunately hasn't finished his tunnel through the Earth's centre
  • AnotherMartini won't make it
  • mollusc will be in India, and it's a long swim
  • dRiVeN who now lives in London (pathetic excuse)
  • simonc - in Beijing, but suggested IRC on the night
  • sapia
  • tWD says I met Orpheum and now I don't want to go. HAAAAA No, actually, I can't get that weekend off work. Fuck. Next time. *sigh*
  • ...and therefore, heppigirl can't make it either
  • hodgepodge says i have never been to australia and have no intention of starting now. Nevertheless, I demand recognition in effigy.
  • arkaem can't make it, but hopes we have fun
  • Marcin - can't be here
  • Freaek's family demands his presence elsewhere