anm and myself, at work or at play or doing anything together will say something to the effect of, "I smell a node in there somewhere." to just about anything we think would be interesting to myself and other people, or just something that we believe is funny.
C'mon I'm sure you have all done this at least once.
The other people around us will say something like, "You smell what, a toad?" in this particular instance the subject was rendered unconscious for his stupidity. No matter who this person is we always have to explain what we mean by that. More often than not they will say, "Why would you spend all your time doing that?" I really have no answer short of expaining to them that it grows on you. You meet neat people, and better than that you have this wonderful way of expressing your favor or dislike for other peoples write-ups, in the form of votes.

The non-geeks will never understand.