Allow me to give you a quick rundown, these measurements are all speculation, I don't use measuring devices when cooking, I use the cupped hand method, so don't be surprised if you make this recipe and it doesn't turn out well the first time or two.
Also I keep butter dishes full of ground, browned meat in my freezer, and pull them out when I want a single serving of meat for just about anything.
Tex’s Enchiladas

  • One butter dish of meat, roughly 3/4 cups of ground crumbled beef.

  • Velveeta or some other easily melting cheese.

  • Yellow Corn Tortillas at least 4 and up to 6

  • Crisco Vegetable Oil

  • Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder, Cumin, and Salt.

Put meat in a bowl, and warm. (microwave, will do fine)
Add 1 tsp of Cayenne Pepper for mild, add one tbsp for hot.
Add 1tbsp of Chili Powder and one tbsp of cumin to the meat as well.
A this point add salt until a desirable taste is attained.
Pour Crisco into frying pan, until the bottom of the pan is covered, the more you use the faster it seems to go. Heat the Crisco now on the stove.
Once Crisco is hot. One by one dip the tortillas into the Crisco to get them to a moderately stiff/crunchy texture.
Cup the tortillas in hand, and spread *evenly* the meat. Add a layer of cheese to the enchilada before rolling up. Line enchiladas on plate, side by side and cook in microwave until the cheese is completely melted.

By now they are ready to eat. If it’s too hot, have a beer, that will neutralize the acidity in the pepper. You may /msg me with any questions.