For the last two weeks, my 4x4 truck my only mode of transportation, has been in the shop. I live in Texas, the biggest state in the continental Untied States, it's 45 miles from where I live, to where I work. I have no truck, I have no life.

I received a call from the Toyota shop today, "Tex, we've encountered a problem with your truck, we would like you to come down and take a look at it yourself."

Dammit, this is not good...

I took my truck in to find out why it was leaking 90 weight gear oil from the front pumpkin. It turns out that my front axel quite literally twisted into two seperate pieces. What was going to cost only $1,000 is now going to cost $2,200+ to fix. This is a severe blow. Especially since I was planning on buying my motorcycle this month.

I've been riding with anm to work everyday or else I would not be here now. It is going to take another week for the part to come in from California. Then it'll take a day to put it in. This is bad, very bad. This is the hell that is my life.