Whoa, what a weekend this was. Apart from the pounding that still sings through my head, all I can think about is how I probably unwittingly saved the life of countless people.

College Station, Texas, a wonderful town, and temporary home of one of my very closest friends Allison Deen. Allison had a party this weekend and of course I was invited.
Arriving at 3:30 I was to say the least a little early, since the party didn't start until 7:00. Well the whole story revolves around this little propane grill that I was elected to bring back to the party from Allison's roomates friend, or something.
We picked up the grill and headed back to the house of the party. Upon arriving Allison decided she would rather use charcoal instead of propane. No big deal, that is a viable option with most grills. Tinfoil was laid down to collect the ashes, and the fire was set.
It was not long until we discovered that the coals were not burning well, and by now many hungry people had arrived.
"Use the gas!" came the idea we would later lament.
No big deal.
So Allison's sister's boyfriend and I are discussing geek things like Palm Pilots and his job with a prestigious computer company, when all of a sudden something fell from the bottom of the grill...
In the corner of my eye I can see it glowing red, so I take a look. It's the propane regulator!
As quick as I can I leap over the stairway and grab the glowing piece and toss it into the grass. And as if in one single movement was at the knob of the propane tank turning it off. The second it was off I heard the tank suck in the flame, but luckily I had already cut off the gas.

In hind sight : WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? I got lucky and may have actually saved someone, but damn, that could have easily been the end of TaintedTex.