Well damn it... The LAN trail run was a bust. We had to cancel because MY stupid ass forgot the 24 port switch I was supposed to bring from work. Instead all we had was a 5 port switch one of those ports was running on the dedicated server. ARGH, what a pain in the ass.

It was not all a waste of time though, before we headed over to my place a somewhat large group of cohorts and I all ate at Red Lobster in honor of Jessica's birthday. I stuck to a liquid diet, but had fun nonetheless.
The interesting part about this, was that I was finally able to meet Morgan. Morgan is a friend of Jimmy's that he has been trying to set me up with for sometime now. She was hot, and we had a good time together. This I am hoping will lead to something very interesting.

So I suppose that today will be reserved for just myself and the cat. It's Sunday, and that means cleaning and doing laundry almost all day long.