Tex's tip of the day :

Never take a semester off of college.

Today marks the first day back in college for me in 6 years. I could no longer stand around and soak up the fruits of my current good, yet static job.
Tonight I start taking classes again, I'm a little apprehensive, but I think that this will be fun. Hoping this single class will be a refresher of college life, so that I will continue with it next semester.

This weekend was very hectic for me. Yesterday alone I had a total of 21 random visitors come to my home. Now, I like company as much as the next guy, but Geez, cut a guy some slack.

Aren't mothers great? My mother just randomly came by my house this weekend and brought me all sorts of really good stuff. Brownies, peanut butter cereal treats, and yeast rolls. I love my mommy.

If you haven't seen the new Jackie Chan movieShanghai Noon, don't waste your money. I am a Jackie Chan nut, and (obviously) a western fan, but this movie sucked. Don't get me wrong, it had some awesome moves in it, but it had a really weak story line, and without a good storyline you have no movie.