After losing power and going around with no concept of time for a week, yesterday, Sunday, I decided to set all of my clocks, and I did so accordingly. However, I set them an hour slow. Not only did I not show up at work until 9:00 (an hour late) but I really screwed the pooch when I didn't make it in time to host the teleconfrencing meeting at our central administration building.

I'm screwed, I keep waiting for the MIS department head to come in sat something to the effect of, "Well Tex, we appreciated all the work you've done for us, but, don't call us, we'll call you."

To make matters worse I went out with some friends of mine last night, we had a really good time. However, when we came back to my house, an aerosol type can of silver polish had exploded in my laundry room. This act destroyed the paint in the room, and alot of my clothes. I have to clean the laundry room tonight, and reset all the clocks, and have dinner with my folks, and finally get all of the computers going... This is gonna be a bad day.