Why does it seem like "Another day another virus to clean up", around here lately? We've been hit by 4 variations of the "I love you!" virus and the kak.hta virus today.

Isn't this a little odd? Should one small networked business be this susceptible to viruses?

Well there has been a lot of rain falling the past few days around here and as I passed the per hard rain quota of wrecks and pileups on the way to work I never imagined that my own mother would be one of them. Generally a good driver I was shocked when she told me yesterday that her car had been hit by some fool who was not paying attention to where he was going, ran a red light and destroyed the car the my folks were going to give to my grandmother this christmas. As it turns out she's ok, but still shook up.

She told me this right after her and I had an arguement where I hung up on her. Why do I do things like that sometimes?