Well, the cable modem istallation went a little slow. I was incorrectly advised that it could go through the cable router to the hub for distribution among other machines...
Also the service didn't start until after midnight.
So I had to buy another NIC for my serving machine. It will only jive when going directly to a computer. Whatever, that's cool, I can deal with that, I'm finally gonna get to utilize that Sygate software. I got it somewhere around the house.
Just piddlin' around last night I got a 90MB Unreal Tournament Server patch in a little less than an hour! That's awesome, and you wanna see jealous people? Come meet my co-workers. {anm] is jealous 'cause he moved a month after it was available to their old apartment, and now, way out in the country, he's stuck with 56k or nothing. Jason is so jealous that he has been pricing wireless "two way" internet access all day today. I will receive my static IP and domain name in a day or so. Then I will be hosting an Unreal Tournament site. If ya play online, give my site a shot. The name of the serving computer is Jeeves, and the server listing is Tex's Death Sentence I will post the IP as soon as I know what it is.